About us

BioFluidix GmbH is a well established microfluidic technology company focusing on non-contact picoliter to microliter liquid handling devices and application-oriented research and development.


We supply the international market with patented dispensing technologies and laboratory equipment for microarray applications, lateral flow assays, and low-volume pipetting workstations. Prominent applications of our products range from drug discovery to genomics, proteomics and medical diagnostics with a strong focus on microarrays and well plate technology. Our team of qualified engineers works closely together with the Department of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK) in Freiburg, Germany.

As a spin-off company from the IMTEK, we benefit from many years’ experience in working with liquid droplets, jets and sprays in the picoliter to nanoliter range. Our microfluidic know-how combined with the expertise from diverse projects in this field has made us the specialists for low volume liquid handling systems. BioFluidix supplies end-users as well as OEM partners with patented leading edge dispensing systems and coating solutions. Thus, we enable our customers in life science and industry to reduce costs and sample volumes, and increase their throughput.

For particular application requirements of our customers we offer development services, ranging from consulting and feasibility studies to R&D projects and complete production systems.

As a young and innovative company we are dedicated to continuous research and development of our products in order to exceed our customers’ expectations in every aspect.