Custom Solutions

BioFluidiX has a strong expertise in the development and implementation of customer specific solutions.

We are able to provide customized BioSpot workstations that are tailored to your specific application. To do so, we do not only use our in-house developed products but also third party equipment whenever it makes sense so that we can provide you with the best solution possible.
Due to BioFluidiX’ scientific background we are also able to improve existing fluidic systems, like nebulizers for example.
As we are also closely cooperating and participating in lab-on-a-disk related developments we developed stroboscopic systems for the visualization of the microfluidic processes on the spinning disk. These camera systems can be adapted to different systems and are an ideal tool for the evaluation and understanding of the performance of the microfluidic structures on the disk.
Further, based on our know-how about gravimetrical measurement of low volumes in the nanoliter range we are able to provide customer specific software solutions for the gravimetrical measurement of smallest amounts of liquid.

BioFluidiX Custom Solutions

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BioSpot® Custom workstation

BioSpot BT | picoliter to mikroliter workstation

Customization Options: Hardware | Software | Additional Sensors | Third party dispensers

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If you have a custom request that is not on the list please contact your BioFluidix-Team.