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Microarray Printer

BioFluidiX’ TopSpot® microarray printers allow you to print nanoliter arrays of up to 96 different liquids in parallel.
TopSpot® - the ideal solution for your diagnostics product manufacturing.

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Single Channel

BioFluidix offers three types of single channel dispensers that work in the range from several picoliters up to the microliter range.
BioFluidix provides everything you need to miniaturize your dispensing applications.

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BioSpot® workstations are the perfect automation platform for your dispensing applications based on our single channel and microarray products and can be equipped to your needs with up to 12 dispensing channels as well as optical process control features.

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Who we are and what we do...

BioFluidix GmbH is a micro technology company focused on low volume liquid handling.

BioFluidix provides leading edge printing, dispensing and coating solutions to enable our users to reduce precious sample volumes, increase throughput and cut costs in their day to day processes.

Based on BioFluidix's long standing competencies in non-contact low volume liquid deposition, workstation design and customized instrumentation, we focus on exceeding our customer’s expectations in every aspect.

BioFluidix will also be your first choice as a partner for high quality R&D services to realize complex microfluidic systems.

Explore the new Smart Drop System

Intelligent dispenser calibration based on droplet imaging!

Smart Drop System

The PipeJet® and SiJet technology enables the contact-free dosage of small amounts of liquids in the range from a few picoliters up to hundreds of nanoliters.

ISO 9001 Certification

BioFluidix has established and applies a Quality Management System for development and manufacturing of dosing technologies which has been successfully certified by TÜV SÜD according to ISO 9001 in August 2014.