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Dispensing Workstations

BioSpot workstation | BioFluidix' solution for your dispensing application

BioSpot workstations are designed to automate your dispensing processes in the lab. Unmet versatility is provided by the three BioSpot lines in order to provide the perfect solution to your application.
The BioSpot can handle a multitude of substrates, well-plate applications as well as microarray printing.

Available lines: BT | TS | Custom

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Single Channel Dispensers

BioFluidix Single Channel Dispensers | pl - µl range

From picolter to microliter. Our unique portfolio of single channel dispensing units covers all your needs.

Volume range: picoliter | nanoliter | microliter

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Microarray Printers

TopSpot | Highly parallel microarray printing in the nanoliter range

Highly parallel dispensing of up to 96 different liquids at a time. Non-contact microarray printing in the nanoliter range.
That is TopSpot. 

Number of liquids per dispense:
 up to 96

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Process Control

Process Control for the picolter & nanoliter range

Full control over your dispensing process.
That is what we provide with our process control products. Have a look at our different options.   

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Our portfolio of single channel dispensers, microarray printers, dispensing workstations and process control systems is designed to cover every aspect of liquid handling. BioFluidix is the right partner for research, R&D and full scale production.

Despite our products we also offer our services for process development to ensure a safe, fast and reliable process at our customers’ sites.

Further, we are specialized in customer specific developments. We develop components, devices and solutions tailored to the specific needs of our partners.

If you have further questions concerning our products or services, please contact us