BioSpot® BT workstation

BioSpot BT | picoliter to microliter workstation

The perfect workstation to miniaturize your dispensing applications. 

The BioSpot BT workstation is one of the dispensing systems out on the market that provides the largest dynamic volume range. 

BioSpot BT 600

BioSpot Microneedle Coating

BioSpot processing of a 1536 MTP

From picoliter to microliter

It can be equipped with up to 12 dispensing channels that can individually be controlled. The BioSpot BT is compatible to the SiJet PicoDispenser, the PipeJet NanoDispenser and the ValveJet MicroDispenser. That allows for addressing volumes from the picoliter up to the nanoliter range, all on one device.

Advanced process control is our standard

The BioSpot BT is by default equipped with our TopView and SmartDrop process control features. So, you don’t even have to manually set the dispensing parameters for your PipeJet NanoDispenser channels. The BioSpot BT will do that automatically for you. You only have to set your single droplet target volume in the software.

With the TopView camera you can control the dispensing performance after processing your substrate. The pictures taken are stored and you can use them for internal process documentation and quality control.

Specifications of BioSpot BT Workstation

  BioSpot BT 600 BioSpot BT 750
Compatible Dispensers SiJet PicoDispenser
PipeJet NanoDispenser
ValveJet MicroDispenser
SiJet PicoDispenser
PipeJet NanoDispenser
ValveJet MicroDispenser
Max. number of
dispensing channels
12 12
Asipration possible Yes* Yes*
Max. number of
aspiration channels
8 8
Max. addressable
area | mm
300 x 400 300 x 550
Dimensions | cm
(H x W x D)
54 x 55 x 63 54 x 55 x 78
Integrated PC Yes Yes
Integrated SmartDrop Yes Yes
TopView Camera
Yes Yes
Ingerated Electronics Control ElectroniX 200 Control ElectroniX 200

Your benefits

  • Inbuilt process control systems | SmartDrop & TopView Camera
  • Automated single droplet volume calibration
  • Dynamic volume range from picoliter to microliter
  • Compatible to almost every substrate

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