BioSpot® TS Microarray Printer

BioSpot TS | Microarray printing workstation

Highest microarray printing speed by massive parallelization.

The BioSpot TS Microarray Printer automates your microarray printing application and even makes it faster and more efficient.
It can be equipped with our TopSpot 24 channel and 96 channel printheads. That means it can dispense up to 96 different samples simultaneously.

From R&D to production

With our BioSpot TS line you have the perfect microarray printer for your R&D or even small scale production. And even if you would like to upscale your printing process, the TopSpot Microarray Printing technology can easily be integrated into large scale production lines.

Fast setup times and great substrate compatability

Due to the inbuilt stroboscopic camera it is very simple and fast to set up the right dispensing parameters as you have full visual control of the droplet generation process. The recessed mounting of the stroboscopic camera has the advantage that it does not limit the printhead movement. Additionally to the stroboscopic camera system the BioSpot TS Microarray Printer comes with our TopView camera. An inbuilt substrate camera that allows you to directly evaluate the printing performance of the BioSpot TS.
The BioSpot TS can print microarrays basically onto every flat substrate like glass slides, nitrocellulose membranes and many more.

Your benefits

  • Fast and highly parallel production of microarrays
  • Easy to use software enables the design of complex arrays
  • Up to 10 individual TopSpot printheads can be processed per batch file
  • Compatible to almost every flat substrate
  • Simple upscaling to large scale production

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