Microarray Printers

BioFluidiX Microarray Dispensers

TopSpot - Massive parallelization for highest printing throughput

Up to 96 different samples per dispense

The TopSpot is one of the fastest nanoliter microarray printing systems on the market. Based on the high-quality silicon / glass TopSpot printheads, our microarray printer can spot up to 96 different reagents at once.
All liquids are routed in physically separated microfluidic channels on the TopSpot printheads to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination.
The standard 24 channel and 96 channel TopSpot printheads generate arrays of 4 x 6, respectively 4 x 24 spots with a pitch of 500 µm in X- and Y-direction.

Your benefits

  • TopSpot Microarray Printers can easily be integrated into large scale automation lines to ramp up your production
  • Highly parallel and fast dispensing
  • Minimal dead volume
  • Up to 96 different samples per dispense
  • Precise performance
  • TopSpot printheads can be customized to your application

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