TopSpot 24 channel printhead

TopSpot 24 channel printhead

TopSpot - Massive parallelization for highest printing throughput

Parallel, fast, reliable - TopSpot

TopSpot printheads enable the non-contact printing of a complete microarray in the blink of an eye. The 24 channel TopSpot printhead prints 24 spots of up to 24 different reagents, such as antibodies, at a time with frequencies of up to 10 Hz – 20 Hz.
For that reason the TopSpot printheads are the preferred technology when it comes to high volume manufacturing of your product. TopSpot is ideally suited for printing DNA-Microarrays and for being integrated into production lines e.g. for “point of need” test manufacturing.
The single spots of the 6 x 4 array have a pitch of 500 µm in X- and Y- direction. Each spot has a volume in the range of 0.5 nl – 2 nl. The reservoir volume for the 24 channel TopSpot printhead is 6 µl per reservoir. Thus, a single filling of the printhead results in up to 5000 printed microarrays due to the minimal dead-volume of the TopSpot printheads.
The TopSpot printheads are made of silicon and glass and are suited for being used in the production of diagnostic tests. By individually routed and physically separated microfluidic channels inside the silicon layer, each reservoir is connected to a dedicated nozzle to avoid the risk of cross contamination.
TopSpot printheads are reusable and can be cleaned after usage. BioFluidix provides cleaning and coating services for the printheads in order to assure a long lifetime and consistent performance.


Specifications of TopSpot 24 channel printhead

Single droplet volume 0.5 nl – 2 nl*
Max. frequency 30 Hz*
(H x W x D)
2.5 x 36 x 20 mm
Weight approx. 20 gr
Reservoir volume 6 µl
Number of reservoirs 24
Number of nozzles 24
Nozzle Pitch 500 µm
Array layout 6 x 4
Array size 2.5 x 1.5 mm
Compatible substrates Flat substrates
- glass slides
- nitrocellulose
- ...

*Depending on the liquid used

Your benefits

  • Highly parallel microarray printing
  • Easy setup of printhead
  • TopSpot printheads are durable and reusable
  • Minimal dead volume
  • Precise performance
  • TopSpot printheads can be customized to your application


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