Process Control

BioFluidiX Process Control Systems

More safety, easy handling and reliable results for your picoliter, nanoliter and microliter dispensing.

Our optical process control - Your safety

BioFluidix’ portfolio of small volume dispensing systems and technologies is complemented with outstanding optical systems for highly accurate process control.

Our process control portfolio enables you to simply count the number of dispensed droplets, which we call the first level of process control. Based on an optical sensor the Optical Droplet Verification (ODV) sensor allows you to monitor your dispensing process inline, telling you the number of droplets that have been ejected.

Our TopView camera is a substrate cam, which visualizes the droplets printed onto the substrate. The generated pictures can be stored on your PC for further image processing or can be used then to support your QA processes.

The SmartDrop system is the flagship product in our process control line. Based on stroboscopic imaging of the dispensed droplets it automatically adjusts the individual PipeJet NanoDispensers to your desired single droplet target volume. An algorithm analyzes the droplet images and checks for the actual volume, undesired satellites and droplet speed. The algorithm will run and optimize the dispensing parameters until a stable, satellite-free droplet of the correct volume is steadily being ejected.

Your benefits

  • Adds more safety to your processes
  • Automated single droplet volume calibration
  • Can support and improve your quality assurance for your production line
  • Easy integration into large scale production lines

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