ODV - Optical Droplet Verfication

ODV - Optical Droplet Verification

Counts every droplet - because every droplet counts

Know your performance

Our ODV Sensor can be mounted to our PipeJet P9 NanoDispenser and allows for in-line counting of the dispensed droplets. Together with our Sensor ElectroniX the ODV can count droplets and will output the number of dispensed droplets via serial communication. Alternatively a simple and easy to use software is available to control the sensor and to read out the results.

The ODV is based on a high end light barrier system working in the IR range. Its components are tuned to work in the non-visible regime of light. By that environmental influences based on changes in the ambient light are minimized.
It is also possible for you to read out the analogue signals from the sensor by connecting its output lines to an oscilloscope or a DAQ board. Thus you can set up your own process control based on the analogue signals of the ODV. By doing so, you can even monitor your process stability if you correlate the single droplet signals against each other. So, even smallest changes in your process can be tracked and even satellite droplets can be measured.
Droplets smaller than 1 nl can be detected and reliably counted with our ODV, which makes it become the ideal in-line monitoring tool for your applications and even more for your production line.

Due to its smart design, the ODV can easily be mounted to other dispensing devices as well.
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Specifications of the ODV

Min. detectable droplet volume < 1 nl
Sensor orifice 2.65 mm
Signal output 0 - 3 V
Repeatability of measurement < 0.1 % - 1 %
Power supply 5 - 15 V
Dimensions (HxWxD) 3.4mm x 9 mm x 63.5 mm
Compatible electronics Sensor ElectroniX


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