Single channel dispensers

BioFluidiX Single Channel Dispensers

More flexibility, easy handling and reliable results for your picoliter, nanoliter and microliter dispensing.

3 dispensers to cover all your needs

BioFluidiX provides a unique portfolio of single channel dispensing modules that allows our customers to dispense single volumes from the picoliter to the microliter range.
All single channel dispensing units can be driven with our Control ElectroniX to provide you with a maximum of flexibility and precision.
Combined with our easy to use BioFluidiX Control Software you will be able to dispense in the blink of an eye.
Our single channel dispensers together with our Control ElectroniX, can be used as standalone systems within your lab, or as components for OEM integration into large scale production lines.

SiJet - picoliter dispensing module

The SiJet PicoDispenser is based on a single use cartridge that can hold up to 100 µl reservoir volume. The integrated dispensing chip is made of silicon glass. The nozzle orifice has a width of 40 µm and allows for non-contact dispensing of single droplet volumes in the range of 150 pl.
One of the great advantages of the SiJet PicoDispensers over other picoliter dispensing systems is the complete separation of the actuation unit and the fluidic path, which eliminates the need for washing the dispensing unit.

PipeJet - nanoliter dispensing module

The PipeJet NanoDispenser is a highly precise and versatile nanoliter dispensing module based on low-cost, single use polyimide nozzles. Different nozzle diameters are available that enable the non-contact dispensing of single droplets in the range of 2-70 nl. The single use nozzles (PipeJet pipes) provide a 1.6 mm wide fluidic connector that allows for easily connecting a multitude of reservoir types. Just like the SiJet PicoDispenser, the fluidic path and the actuation mechanism of the PipeJet NanoDispenser are fully separated.

ValveJet - microliter dispensing module

With BioFluidix’ unique ValveJet MicroDispenser you will take microliter dispensing to the next level. Highest accuracy and precision dispensing starting at volumes of 3 µl can be realized. The ValveJet MicroDispenser is a unique combination of a precise pressure time driven dispensing valve and BioFluidix’ PipeJet pipes.

Your benefits

  • Wide dynamic volume range from picoliter to microliter
  • Non-contact droplet generation
  • Drop-On-Demand mode
  • Low dead volumes
  • Precise performance
  • Only one Control ElectroniX required to control the different single channel dispensing modules
  • Easy integration into large scale production lines

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