Control ElectroniX 200

Control ElectroniX 200

One control for all BioFluidix' single channel dispensing modules

Individually controls up to 12 dispensing modules

The Control ElectroniX 200 is the most powerful dispenser control in our portfolio. It can handle up to 12 dispensing channels individually. Even a combination of SiJet PicoDispensers, PipeJet NanoDispensers and ValveJet MicroDispensers can be controlled by the electronics. It has never been easier to address a wide dynamic volume range from picoliter to microliter.
For easy and comfortable use the Control ElectroniX 200 can be operated with BioFluidix Control Software.
And it also allows for a seamless integration into your production line or product as it supports serial communication and control based on BioFluidix’ Dynamik Link Library (DLL).

Specifications of the Control ElectroniX 200

Compatible dispensing modules SiJet PicoDispenser
PipeJet NanoDispenser
ValveJet MicroDispenser
Max. actuation frequency 400 Hz
Max. number of dispensing modules 12
External Trigger In Yes
Trigger In Detection Level Adjustable
0 V - 24 V
Communication Interfaces RS 232
USB 2.0
Outputs 2x 24V Valve Out
Trigger Out (5 V or 24 V)
LED supply
Connection port to SmartDrop System
130 x 80 x 120 mm
Weight 500 gr

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