PipeJet® P9

PipeJet NanoDispenser

NanoDispenser - for nanoliter dispensing applications 

It's not a valve - it's a PipeJet

The PipeJet® P9 NanoDispenser is designed for nanoliter dispensing applications in pharma, life science and industrial applications. The PipeJet dispensing mechanism is highly robust and reliable providing highest dispensing precision.  It’s  fluidic path and the actuation mechanism are fully separated to eliminate the need for long excessive cleaning routines.
PipeJet is your strongest partner for reliable nanoliter dispensing. Base for that outstanding performance are our  PipeJet pipes and tips. These are low cost, single use nozzles with excellent edge qualities in order to enable unmet reproducibility.
In combination with our SmartDrop stroboscopic camera system, you don’t even have to worry about correct dispensing parameters any more. Our products take care of that. You only have to tell the system your desired single droplet target volume. Based on the stroboscopic images taken by the SmartDrop camera an algorithm automatically adjusts the dispenser settings until a perfect, satellite free droplet of the right volume is being ejected. This process takes only a couple seconds and makes PipeJet NanoDispensers and BioSpot workstations the most convenient and reliable liquid handling systems on the market.

PipeJet® Nanodispenser Kit

If you are looking for a single channel dispenser for a scientific experiment or for integration in an automation system, the PipeJet®P9 Nanodispenser Kit provides everything you need for a successful start with your dispensing application. It includes a P9 dispenser, dispensing pipes, the Control ElectroniX R5 and the BioFluidix-Software.

Specifications of the PipeJet P9 Nanodispenser

Single droplet volume 1 nl – 70 nl* (adjustable)
Max. frequency 100 Hz*
Min. nozzle pitch 9 mm
Viscosity range 0.5 – 500 mPas*
Surface tension 30 mN/m – 76 mN/m*
Precision/ Accuracy < 3 %*/ < 10 %*
Dispensing pipes 125 µm, 200 µm, 500 µm, PipeJet Tip
control electronics
Control ElectroniX R5 & 200

*Depending on the liquid used


PipeJet Brochure | EN

PipeJet Brochure (1.1 MiB)

PipeJet P9 Datasheet | EN

PipeJet P9 Datasheet (539.5 KiB)

PipeJet NanoDispenser Kit | EN

PipeJet NanoDispenser Kit (456.3 KiB)

PipeJet Setup Guide | EN

PipeJet Setup Guide (782.6 KiB)

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