SiJet® P9

SiJet PicoDispenser

PicoDispenser - for picoliter dispensing applications

Precise picoliter dispensing

The SiJet® P9 PicoDispenser is designed for picoliter dispensing applications in pharma, life science and industrial applications. The SiJet dispensing mechanism is based on piezo actuation and is highly robust and reliable providing highest dispensing precision. Its fluidic path and the actuation mechanism are fully separated to eliminate the need for long excessive cleaning routines.
The core element of the SiJet is the disposable dispensing cartridge providing an inbuilt reservoir and a silicon glass dispensing chip. The nozzle width is 40 µm and enables the dispensing of single droplets in the range of 150 picoliter per drop.

Specifications of the SiJet P9 Picodispenser

Single droplet volume 150 pl – 250 pl* (adjustable)
Max. frequency 100 Hz*
Min. nozzle pitch 9 mm
Viscosity range 0.5 – 50 mPas*
Surface tension 30 mN/m – 76 mN/m*
Precision/ Accuracy <3 % / < 10 %
Dispensing cartrdige reservoir volume 100 µl
Nozzle width 40 µm
control electronics
Control ElectroniX R5 & 200

* depending on the liquid used


SiJet Setup Guide | EN

SiJet Setup Guide (490.8 KiB)

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