ValveJet MicroDispenser

MicroDispenser - for microliter dispensing applications

Combines PipeJet nozzles with a dispensing valve

The ValveJet MicroDispenser is a combination of a dispensing valve and BioFluidix’ high precision nozzles. Such a setup is unique on the market and provides high end dispensing performance for a multitude of liquids in the microliter range. Therefore, it is the perfect complement to the SiJet and PipeJet dispensing modules and extends the range of addressable single spot volumes significantly.
Single spot volumes starting from 3 µl can be dispensed with highest accuracies. Further, the standard reservoir volume per ValveJet is 5 ml. Reservoir volumes can be adapted upon request for large scale production applications.
Like the SiJet and PipeJet dispenser, the ValveJet is controlled by the Control ElectroniX 200.

Specifications of the ValveJet MicroDispenser

Single spot volume from 3 µl* (adjustable)
Max. frequency 5 Hz*
Min. nozzle pitch 4.5 mm
Precision/ Accuracy < 3 % / < 10 %
Compatible nozzles PipeJet pipes, ID:
200 µm, 500 µm
control electronics
Control ElectroniX 200

*Depending on the liquid used

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