Sample preparation for MS

Mass spectrometry is a strong tool for the analysis of organic compounds, determining the molecular mass and chemical structure of the analyte probes. Identifying a protein in proteomic research, detecting genetic targets in genomics or determining pharmacokinetic parameters for drug discovery – the automation of sample preparation increases the throughput and improves the reproducibility for better results.

Identify genetic targets by MALDI

Automated deposition of small volumes onto your sample target removes the bottleneck of manual pipetting.

Standardize your workflow for consistent and reliable results with a BioSpot® automation platform. The calibration of the dispensing unit to a desired target volume forms a homogenous layer of small matrix crystals for the highest resolution of the mass spectra.


MALDI mass spectrometry imaging is a key technology to analyze the spatial distribution of biomarkers, metabolites, pharmaceuticals and other xenobiotics in tissue sections.

The creation of a reliable calibration curve is crucial in quantitative MSI experiments in order to enable a secure estimation of the analyte’s concentration. Place different concentrations of your standards via calibrated nanoliter droplets on the target area of a tissue section. The TopView Camera displays a live image and assists in the selection of target dispensing points for an automated and precise droplet deposition.