BioSpot® Studio

Innovative, nanoliter liquid handling automation platform for an accurate and precise droplet delivery at the highest level. The BioSpot® Studio is a compact liquid handling device for the nanoliter range with an open deck architecture for the integration in an automated workflow, full flexibility, high dispensing performance and superb process control.

Nanoliter dispensing

Non-contact dispensing of single droplet volumes in the nanoliter range

The BioSpot® Studio uses the BioFluidix PipeJet® technology to precisely deliver all kind of liquids on any substrate. The piezoelectric, drop on demand dispensing system offers an accurate and reproducible dispensing and is designed for a wide range of applications in pharma, life science or the industrial sector.

Quick & easy pipe replacement

Automated clamping of PipeJet® pipes to enhance the workflow

Be ready for your next dispensing task and easily replace the dispensing tips (= PipeJet® pipes) after your dispensing routine. The automated pipe replacement allows you to switch between different liquids very quick with no cross-contamination and short down-time. Optimize your batch production time!

Print on any substrate

Precise droplet deposition on glass, MTP, paper, wafer plate, ...

The design of the BioSpot® Studio and the BioFluidix software creates a workspace which is suitable for a lot of different applications. The precise staging allows for line printing, step and repeat, as well on the fly dispensing to meet everyting: accuracy and speed.

SmartDrop System

Automated single droplet volume calibration at 40 Hz

Calibrate all dispensing channels to your desired single droplet volume - indipendent of liquid classes - and store the dispensing parameters to safe expansive liquid and increase the dispensing performance!


TopView Camera

Camera based dispenser alignment and convenient process control. All at once.

Always keep an eye on your substrate and store the generated pictures on the BioSpot® or your network for further image processing or quality assurance. The dispense on target function offers a simple droplet deposition on the selected target area by the user. For minimal user intervention, the TopView camera in combination with an intelligent software tool automatically detects substrates and starts the dispensing process.

Full touch control

Switch easily between your pre-defined liquid handling processes.

The touchscreen at the front panel of the BioSpot® supports a quick accsses to key commands for for easy handling and rapid switching between your dispensing tasks without any peripherals.


Take up liquids from a source plate, e. g. 96 well plate via the in-built pressure / time driven pump

The aspiration function of the BioSpot® Studio enables the automated uptake of liquids for an integration of automated workflows.

Washing station

Cross-contamination free media exchange

The integrated washing station allows for a fully automated workflow - including the automated exchange of a liquid sample. An external multichannel pump device feeds the media specific cleaning solution to the integrated washing station. By immersing the dispenser nozzles into the stream of fresh wash solution and applying specific aspirate and dispense cycles, all remaining sample is washed from the easy to clean circular shape of the nozzles.

Technical Information
Dispensing technology non-contact, drop on demand (piezo)
No. of channels 8
Pitch 9 mm
Single droplet volume 2 - 70 nL
Precision < 3%, typically < 1%
Deck capacity 3 x 3 MTP (or other substrate formats)
Axis system XYZ spindle drive
Resolution (step size) 1 µm
SmartDrop System included
TopView Camera included
De-ionizer included
Aspiration included
Wash station included
Touchscreen included
PC built-in
Interface USB / Ethernet / HDMI
Footprint (LxWxH in mm) 649 x 580 x 461
Weight 49 kg
Supply Voltage/max. power 110 VAC (-15%) to 240 VAC (+10%) / 700 W