BioSpot® X

Looking for a specific liquid handling platform for your individual application? BioFluidix has strong expertise in the development and realization of customer specific projects. Based on the BioSpot® platform, we integrate 3rd party dispensing units, spray coater, extrusion modules or any other system to turn your imagination to reality!

Imagination to reality

Exceptional applications need a unique and customized device

The smart design of the BioSpot® workstation enables the integration of all kind of technologies to address your specific needs. Combine 3rd party components (here: spray coater) with BioFluidix dispensing technologies!


Extrusion module

Request the integration of an extrusion module for the handling of viscous media, such as hydrogels / bioinks.

Our direct volume displacement extrusion system is compatible to a wide range of single-use and glass syringes. The extrusion speed is synchronised with the axes movement for the delivery of highly constant filaments.

Tell us your requirements!

Connect with our team and discuss your requirements for the implementation of your BioSpot® X.

Discussing the application Adaption of the design / technologies
Elaborating the product requirements Manufacturing phase
Selecting the technologies Installation and Training