PipeJet® Nanodispenser Kit

Single channel nanoliter dispensing module and all accessories for your scientific experiment or the integration in an autoamtion system.

PipeJet® module

Dispensing of single droplets starting from 2 nL up to 70 nL for your application in life science, industry or phama.

  • Precise and reliable nanoliter dispensing
  • Non-contact & drop- on-demand
  • Dispense horizontal or vertical
  • Lowest CVs & minimal dead volumes for all liquid classes

Everything you need

The PipeJet® Nanodispenser Kit combines all essentials to get started with the first dispensing trials right after installation.

It never was so easy: unbox all items, install the software, connect the control unit, insert a pipe, fill in your liquid and start with the dispensing.

PipeJet® Nanodispenser Kit - Items
1 PipeJet® NanoDispenser
2 Universal Pipe Guide Set for Pipes ID200 & ID500 (Front = red; Back = Black)
3 ID125 Pipe Guide Set for ID125 (Front = Black; Back = Red)
4 Control ElectroniX CX200
5 USB cable
6 PipeJet® Pipe Handling Tool
7 Power supply
8 Disposable Reservoir
9 TYGON tubing
10 Tool Set
11 PipeJet® Connection Cable
12 PipeJet® Pipes
13 Torque Handle
14 USB Stick incl. Control Software