PipeJet® Technology

Non-contact nanoliter dispensing based on piezo-actuated mechanism and dispensing capillaries. Independent of liquid type for highly reproducible droplet deposition on any substrate.

PipeJet® working principle

Single droplets on demand. Precise. Robust. Reliable.

The patented PipeJet® technology enables a non-contact dispensing of highly reproducible droplets at very low volumes. Key element is an elastic polymer tube - the pipe - that is partially squeezed by a piezo stack actuator. Due to the direct volume displacement, the liquid is ejected in a spherical droplet shape. The dispensing parameters can be adjusted by the BioFluidix Control Software to address the desired volume, droplet shape and velocity.

Free of liquid classes

The PipeJet® technology is applicable to dispense liquids in a wide range of viscosity, surface tension or density. We offer a free feasibility to test your specific sample!

Buffers & Detergents Oils & Adhesives
DMSO & other solvents Strong Acids
Ethanol & Methanol UV curable ink
Beads & living cells Photoresist


Free-flying nanoliter droplets

Single droplets on demand by direct volume displacement.

The patented PipeJet® technology implements highly reproducible, accurate and controllable dispensing applications. Each ejected droplet is identical - in shape, velocity and volume - to guaranty an excellent print morphology.

Dynamic droplet volume range

Single droplets with adjustable low volumes from 2 to 70 nl

Simply adapt the single droplet volume to your needs. Generate well defined droplet volumes based on the software-controlled driving parameters of the PipeJet®. Exploit the dynamic volume range to create individual arrays or patterns of your choice.

Combine the PipeJet® Nanodispenser with the SmartDrop System - to reach the next level of accuracy!

Individual - no limits!

The unprecedented high reproducibility of the PipeJet® technology allows for almost any dispensing application!

Due to it's simple and robust working principle, the easy transformability of the nozzle type and it's controllability the PipeJet® technology is applicable for almost any dispensing challenge.

Robust and steady droplet ejection

Non-contact nanoliter dispensing with excellent CVs at any liquid type - over and over and over again

The PipeJet® technology features excellent accuracy and reproducibility of less than 3 % CV (typically < 1 %). The homogenous droplet formation promotes long term stability for a wide range of samples, e.g. aqueous solutions, buffers, solvents, particle suspensions or cells. Even heated and chilled prototypes are realized!

No cross-contamination and easy-to-use

All sample contaminated parts - the pipe | the liquid connection | the reservoir - are low-cost consumables. The actuator is never in touch with sample. The exchange of the consumables is easy and fast - All, to increase confidence in your process!

Consumables: PipeJet® Pipes

High precision pipes are essential for excellent dispensing performance.

Our PipeJet® Pipes are available in a variety of diameters and lengths. In dependency on your specification, our team finds the most suitable type for your application!

Outstanding standalone and OEM integration

PipeJet® Nanodispenser Kit

Whether a single channel dispenser for scientific experiments, a robust low volume dispenser for an existing automation system or a new product needs a unit for miniaturised liquid handling: The PipeJet® Nanodispenser Kit contains all essentials required to get started with the PipeJet® technology.