ValveJet technology

Highly precise dispensing of low microliter volumes by a pressure-/time controlled dispensing valve.

Customized solutions for low microliter applications

BioFluidix uses a variety of third party valves to implement customized dispensing solutions starting from one microliter. Our expertise in microfluidics and droplet dispensing enables us to find the ideal components, optimise them and apply add ons to meet your specific dispensing needs. Our standard ValveJet setup consists of high precision dispensing valves from Switzerland driven by our Control ElectroniX 200 control unit. In combination with our BioSpot® workstation we provide fully automated bench top solutions. Please get in touch to get your perfectly tailored solution.

How it works

Accurate pressure/ time controlled dispensing system requires well defined pressure sources and fast and robust mechanical actuators.

  • Selection of the best suited actuator from a variety of different types
  • Apply the Control ElectroniX 200 dispenser control unit to control the actuators
  • The combination of pressure and time defines the dispensed volume.

ValveONE - a consumable valve

BioFluidix developed a dispensing valve based on simple single use injection molded actuator for low microliter droplets. BioFluidix is looking for partners to collaborate on the final development step on the ValveONE.

  • Precise and robust microliter dispensing
  • Consumable valve
  • Avoid critical cleaning procedures
  • Exclude the risk of cross-contamination